• Harding Township School is dedicated to providing educational programs that foster life long learning and meet the diverse needs of our students. Through the district's Student Services Department, students who require additional assistance in meeting the state's and district's challenging performance standards receive instructional support.

    The Student Services Department includes both regular and special education teachers, a Speech/Language Specialist, a Child Study Team comprised of a Learning Consultant, a Psychologist and a Social Worker and instructional assistants who are overseen by Supervisor, Fraida Yavelberg. Support services are available through both regular and special education programs focused upon enhancing student achievement and improving effective classroom functioning.


    Academic Intervention Program (AIP)
    The AIP program provides small group instructional intervention and support in the development of reading, written language or mathematics competencies for eligible students in regular education classes who may be experiencing some minor difficulty in acquiring essential curriculum benchmarks. Student improvement plans are developed based upon the academic needs identified through specific assessment criteria. Performance and progress are closely monitored and regularly reported to parents.

    English Language Services for English Language Learners (ELL)

    When the English language proficiency of a student is limited because his/her native language is other than English, direct English language instruction is provided to support the development of English and promote academic growth. Students are immersed in regular classes, are included in classroom activities and receive individual or small group language training. State testing criteria govern the eligibility of students for this program.

    Speech and Language Services

    Speech and language services are provided to address articulation, phonology, voice, fluency and/or language difficulties that adversely affect a student's educational performance and communication. A speech-language evaluation by a Speech/Language Pathologist is required to determine eligibility. In collaboration with a teacher and the parent, an Individualized Education Program, more commonly referred to as an IEP, is developed. This written plan states measurable goals and objectives related to meeting the student's communication needs and outlines the rationale for services and the specific program requirements of the student.

    Special Education Program Options

    A full continuum of alternative placements is available to meet the needs of students with learning differences for special education and related services. Eligibility for services is determined through a systematic evaluation process governed by law and code.

    The Child Study Team, in collaboration with teachers, parents and other specialists, as deemed necessary, develops an IEP for each eligible student. This individual plan outlines a student's educational performance and needs and states measurable annual goals including short term objectives/or benchmarks related to the Core Curriculum Standards. It also describes the programs, activities and/or services necessary to advance toward attaining the goals. The IEP includes any supports, modifications, restrictions or resources necessary for the student to progress in the general education curriculum. Resource programs offer individual and small group instruction to students with learning differences in the regular class or in a pull-out resource center, as specified in the IEP.

    All programs described are taught by appropriately certified personnel who maintain ongoing collaboration with classroom teachers and communication with parents.

Last Modified on May 10, 2016