What is the difference between Conflict and Bullying?
    • Mutually competitive or opposing action/engagement
    • Equal balance of power
    • Unintentional
    • Disagreements, arguments; difficult to avoid
    • Typically resolved through compromise, mediation
    • One-sided; imbalance of power
    • Intent is to cause physical or emotional harm 
    • Based on real or perceived characteristic (race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.)
    • One or more students are victims of one or more person’s aggression, as defined in the law
    • Causes a disruption in the normal operation of the school day; impacts a student's ability to attend school or to participate fully
    1. All incidents of alleged HIB must first be VERBALLY reported to the Principal
    2. Principal informs parents/guardians of all students involved in alleged incident
    3. WRITTEN REPORT  given to Principal
    4. Principal initiates investigation (completed within 10 days)
    5. Results reported to the Superintendent
    6. Confirmed incidents reported (confidentially) to BOE
    7. Parents receive, in writing, results of investigation
    Any questions or concerns, please contact either Emily Thony (Anti-bullying School Specialist) at ethony@hardingtwp.org or ext. 107, or Barbara Thomas (Anti-bullying District Coordinator) at bthomas@hardingtwp.org or ext. 163.
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Last Modified on January 5, 2017